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more informationSAFETY
more informationROHs / REACh
more informationArea of application for material & coating
 Parylene Coating MIL-I-46058C
more informationTables: CGS MGsOe IEC kJ/m3 kGauss mTesla °C/°F g/m3 kOe kA/m
more informationBH Diagram
more informationFlux density at a distance s
more informationMagnets for Reed-Switches
more informationMagnetic force & Measurement of the magnetic force
more informationProfessional drawings - Tolerances and limits
more informationADHESIVES - recommendations
more informationHKCM® Magnet Nomenclatura
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Selection by use
 download 84 x wet Ambient (Teflon & Parylene)ca.1.1 MB
21 pages
 download 366 x high temperatures
<250°C <350°C <500°C
ca.4.9 MB
92 pages
 download 243 x Rotation sensing (diametrical poles)ca.3.2 MB
49 pages
 download 19 x Position sensing (multiple poles)ca.0.3 MB
4 pages
 download 111 x Micro magnetsca.1.5 MB
28 pages
 download 121 x Mounting, Installation (for screw connections)ca.1.6 MB
31 pages
Selection by shape
 download537 x Discs D > hca.7.1 MB
108 pages
 download357 x Cylinders D ≤ hca.4.7 MB
72 pages
 download544 x Rings, pipesca.7.2 MB
109 pages
 download77 x Magnets for Torx, Imbus & sunk boltsca.1 MB
16 pages
 download8 x Adhesive 3Mca.0.1 MB
2 pages
 download726 x Blocks, bars, platesca.9.7 MB
146 pages
 download7 x Blocks with sunk holeca.0.1 MB
2 pages
 download32 x Spheresca.0.4 MB
7 pages
 download25 x Pott magnetsca.0.3 MB
5 pages
 download7 x Shaft magnetsca.0.1 MB
2 pages
 download6 x Thread magnetsca.0.1 MB
2 pages
 download6 x Hook magnetsca.0.1 MB
2 pages
 download97 x Segment, motor, arcsca.1.3 MB
20 pages
 download12 x Special shapesca.0.2 MB
3 pages
 download9 x Accessoriesca.0.1 MB
2 pages
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Member of the German Dealers Association 'Händlerbund' Member of the German Dealers Association 'Händlerbund'
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